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The 4th Annual DWA Purposeful Leadership Conference

March 23, 2017 Chateau Elan Golf Club

You are invited to participate in an experience that promises to:

  • Provide an immersion into the core competencies of transformational leadership 

  • Provide deep insight and clarity for you and your teams 

  • Enhance your personal leadership (Self) and professional leadership (Others)

  • Further strengthen the fabric of your organization 

  • Help you achieve personal, professional and organizational goals

  • Provide a clear roadmap for fulfillment and balance 


Set on the beautiful grounds of Chateau Elan, this is a working conference, with the right balance of training, retreat and networking to make it one of the most important experiences of the year for those who attend.

The Purposeful Leadership Conference is a curated experience designed to influence your inner being, not just your doing.  Effective leadership is an inside job.  Unlike others, this experience focuses on vital leadership competencies essential for personal transformation, team effectiveness and organizational achievement. Learn from world-class leadership experts who will equip you with new perspectives, strategies, and tools for meaningful and rewarding results. 

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