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Academic Writing Seminar. Become the Best College Paper Writer

April 27, 2017
5:00 pm
Southwest Branch Library

“-Knock-knock… -Who`s there? -The deadline. -The deadline who? -Your deadline for college paper!” No, that`s not a popular game children like to play, but a reality we all face while in high school or college. Offensively, being not a good writer does not free one from completing writing assignments. That is the time when a question “What am I going to do?” occurs and even Panic at the Disco doesn`t panic that much in their music videos as a student with a deadline and no knowledge in writing does!

Luckily we have a pleasant surprise for you and your soon-to-be-perfect essay writing skills! Judy Thompson - professional writer, essayist, content creator and just a smart person who launched college paper writing service - and is an old hand at students` writing issues that take place to be while dealing with research papers, is about to lead an academic writing seminar on April 27 in Atlanta, GA. Together with Spelman College lecturer and novelist Calaya Michelle Reid, Ph.D, they are going to vanish all the main popular prejudice about college essays evaluation.

Is it important to be a skilled writer to write your English essay in college? What are main aspects of creating valuable academic writing? How long does it take to generate the main idea of a paper and then put it down in words? What skills should one master to get better at essay writing? Why is it necessary to complete your writing assignment after all?

Answers to these and many more other questions you will be given during our seminar. So, if you're a sctudentr, writer, person with a passion for writing or just want to communicate with like-minded people, this seminar going to be vital for you.

Do not forget to apply today and be better tomorrow!

Southwest Branch Library

3665 Cascade Rd, Atlanta, GA 30331, United States
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