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Atlanta Master Chorale: Ein Deutsches Requiem: Brahms

April 21, 2017
4:00 pm
Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Emory University

Johannes Brahms created this magnificent work at a time of assumed sorrow in his own life. Meant as a work of consolation for those left behind and not to be patterned after the Latin form and text of the mass for the dead, this seminal piece in the choral repertoire is celebrated the world over for its power, beauty, and transcendence beyond an ordinary mass. Incorporating texts from the Lutheran Bible, and set in German, Brahms' Requiem is like no other in the chorale literature. Set with beautiful orchestration, this work is sure to bring beauty and peace to you through breathtaking melodies and sonorous instrumentation and voicing. Join us as we honor this masterful craftsman through one of this most distinguished creations.

Price: $30; $25 discount categories; $10 students
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