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Bike Parade: Atlanta Streets Alive Southside

April 23, 2017
1:30 pm
Ralph David Abernathy & Lucile

Can you hear that funk? Grab your boombox and join Atlanta's groovy bicycle parade.

The parade is celebrating the launch of #ASARadio and the amazing tunes you'll hear on the route.! Not only will Mike Zarin of Zegi be streaming #ASARadio live from Atlanta Streets Alive: Southside, but he'll be incorporating live music from Music In The Park.

All of this is reason to grab your smartphone and bluetooth (or wired) speaker! To play the #ASARadio through your speaker, visit for instructions. Can you picture it, hundreds dressed funky, with music streaming live and loud!?

The parade is led by Chantelle Rytter, the brains/artist behind fun Atlanta events like the Beltline Lantern Parade


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