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Book Signing Event

March 25, 2017
11:00 am
Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue Indoor Yard Sale

Please attend our book signing event, featuring the authors of 3 extraordinary books that discuss our relationships with our pets. “Beyond the Fur,” by Tammy Billups, is a book which decodes our animals’ behaviors and physical issues, and reveals a tools we can use to help our beloved companions feel more peace, joy, and well-being. This book is a valuable guide to understanding the many levels of the animal-human emotional & spiritual bond. “Roxie the Roxstar,” by Trish Greenlee, is a true heartwarming story of a mother dog and her puppies who were saved and rescued. Roxy’s journey from abandonment to an exciting world is filled with ups and downs. It makes us realize that life is a wonderful gift to share. “The Riley Carson Series,” by Megan Wargula, is a middle-grade adventure novel set, which touches on important topics concerning dog ownership and compassion. She tells a well crafted story about neighborhood kids, who go on a path of discovery and learn lessons along the way. Part of the proceeds from the sale of signed books will benefit Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue.

Price: Free of charge

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue Indoor Yard Sale

2700 Town Center Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30144
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