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Crafternoon at the Park

April 15, 2017
12:00 pm
Piedmont Park

(Artists; you will need a blanket that will become your mobile art studio and a project you can work on in that space.) Welcome to Crafternoon at the Park! So, what is going on here? From my experience, being a person in the arts and crafts can be a rather solitary experience filled with lulls in motivation, shortages in inspiration, and a backlog of unfinished or unexpressed ideas. Then, there are those who have the desire to create who are filled with possibility and just can’t figure out where to get started. In both scenarios, there is a community of people in various stages of stagnation. There is art not being created or fully realized. There is a certain beauty only found within the genuine self expression of human beings that is being unintentionally withheld from the world due a lack of interactivity. The truth is, a lot of people out there are missing out on their creative potential because they are missing out on each other. How many potential artists are out there that just need a nudge in the right direction? How many undiscovered muses are out there that could pull forth these potential artists from behind the veil of uncertainty and give birth to a new wave of creative minds or, through the exchange of ideas, lend a hand in breaking through the creative block plaguing a fellow artist? Crafternoon at the Park aims to bring together as many artists and curious people as possible to explore these questions and produce the possibly of life changing experiences. Your future could hold new a new realm for inspiration and new ideas to flourish. Networking opportunities and friendships brought upon by chance meetings. The opportunity to create and learn in a unique environment. A chance to get face to face with the artists behind the art. A community of creative minds together en masse. A veritable smorgasbord of artistic talents and minds open to walk through and interact with. Hope to see you there!!!

Price: Free

Piedmont Park

521 Park Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
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