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Energy for Life Walk

April 30, 2017
12:30 pm
Park Tavern at Piedmont Park 1342 Worchester Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

) The Atlanta Energy for Life Walk Committee is excited and energized to be able to reach out to the community to raise awareness and support those who are fighting mitochondrial disease with our Energy for Life Walkathon. We know that every 30 minutes, a child is born with a mitochondrial disease. Mitochondria are the cells in the body that change food into oxygen and energy. When mitochondria malfunction, organs start to fail and people, including children, get sick and even die. The disease is very difficult to diagnose because it affects people differently. Children and adults can have seizures, strokes, severe developmental delays; inability to walk, talk, see, digest food and a host of other complications. There is no cure for mitochondrial disease. All proceeds raised from the walk will help the UMDF provide support, education and research towards a cure for mitochondrial disease.

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