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Experience an Island-Hopping Spring Break Getaway at the Tennessee Aquarium

March 29, 2017
10:00 am
Tennessee Aquarium

Celebrate Spring Break this year by taking yourself on an island-hopping adventure, right in the heart of the Southern Appalachians. Through April 9, the Tennessee Aquarium will feature special daily programming designed to show guests the fun and captivating animals that live on islands and elsewhere in the tropics. March 10 through March 18 – “On the Wild Side of Island Life” - Islands have unique animals, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. You’ll meet an interesting island resident during this special encounter. (1:30 pm, Ocean Journey Level 4 outside Lemur Forest) March 19 through March 25 – “Seaside with Seahorses” - Shallow reefs and mangrove forests surrounding islands are home to hungry seahorses. Meet a seahorse expert and watch these marvelous creatures getting lunch. (1:30 pm, River Journey Seahorse Gallery) March 26 through April 1 – “Island Giants – Coconut Crabs” - Tropical islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans are home to the world’s largest land crabs. See one of these crazy crustaceans up close and learn more about their incredible feats of strength. (1:30 pm, Ocean Journey Level 4 outside Lemur Forest) April 2 through April 9 – “Totally Tropical” - The tropics contain an amazing wealth of plants and animals. Meet a living treasure from one of the many tropical regions of the world during this fun program. (1:30 pm, Ocean Journey Level 4 outside Lemur Forest) In addition to its Spring Break programs, the Aquarium also is celebrating the recent grand opening of Lemur Forest. This all-new addition to the Tropical Cove gallery is designed to look like the spiny forests and rainforests of Madagascar. High up in the Forest's treetops, guests will see Red-ruffed Lemurs, dangling, upside down, to snack on fruit. Closer to earth, groups of energetic Ring-tailed Lemurs spend their time soaking up the sun and clambering playfully about an artificial island, which they share with Radiated Tortoises. Visitors can learn more about both species during Leaping Lemurs, a twice-daily program led by the Aquarium's lemur specialists. For those looking for a more hands-on experience, the Aquarium's largest touch tank, Stingray Bay, also has undergone extensive renovations. With smoother, slimmer walls and a step up around its taller sections, it's even easier for guests to lay fingers on the ray and shark species gliding through its warm waters.

Price: $18.95 (3-12); $29.95 (12 and up)

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