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Hipster Yard Sale ATL: Chapel Hill Park

April 22, 2017
8:00 am
Chapel Hill Park

What is Hipster Yard Sale? It is the most diverse collection of vendors in Atlanta. Vintage Clothes, Vinyl Records, Art, Esoteric Ephemera, Handcrafted Goods, and Artisanal delights!. Our last event saw over 60 vendors and we hope to be bigger this time around. Who can be a vendor? Anyone. Whether you are an artist, business, or just an individual needing to clean out their closet, you can be a vendor. The vendor fee is $50 and all the fees go to support the park. No limitation on the space of your booth. We have 35 acres of park and enough room for everyone. Feel free to fill out this vendor registration form. No payment or commitment necessary until the day of the event! Is it Family/Dog Friendly? Absolutely! Just make sure you bring your poop bags....for the dogs, not the family. Is there parking? There is parking throughout the neighborhoods at the park as well as we will have a shuttle service driving around to pick up patrons and bring them to the park. Will Vendors Accept Credit Cards? Someone will! That is specific to the vendor, but many have mobile phone card readers. However, bring a little cash just in case. Questions? Ask and ye shall receive. Hipster Yard Sale ATL@ Chapel Hill Park (3985 Lehigh Blvd Decatur, GA 30034)

Chapel Hill Park

3985 Lehigh Blvd, Decatur, Georgia 30034
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