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The Only Light in Reno by Topher Payne

August 24, 2017
8:00 pm
Out of Box Theatre

The Only Light in Reno by Topher Payne - August 11-26

Reno, Nevada. The Mapes Hotel. August, 1960. It is 106 degrees outside. Filming on the Hollywood movie “The Misfits” is hopelessly behind schedule, with no end in sight. The Sierra Mountains are on fire, and Reno is in total blackout. 

Elizabeth Taylor. Montgomery Clift. Marilyn Monroe. Libby Holman. Paula Strasberg. Five celebrities, five oversized egos, one tiny hotel room, and one extension cord. 

The Only Light in Reno is the hilarious story of when Hollywood came to The Biggest Little City in the World, and everything went up in flames.

Price: $15-$25

Out of Box Theatre

585 Cobb Parkway S, Suite C-1, Marietta, GA 30060

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