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Titles at Twilight : The Beginning of Aviation in Georgia

April 4, 2017
7:30 pm
Williams-Payne House

"To Lasso the Clouds: The Beginning of Aviation in Georgia" - Dan A. Aldridge, Jr.

Vice President of the Friends of Georgia Libraries, Aldridge tells the story of the first airplane flight in Georgia. Epps and Zumpt A. Huff, brothers from Athens, GA, were described by a contemporary newspaper as a "second pair of Wright brothers." Most surprising of all, Aldridge's book reveals that their flight was the first flight of a monoplane in the United States - a record of which even they were not aware.

Titles @ Twilight promotes local authors, whose stories of history and the South represent a variety of topics. Titles @ Twilight is free to attend and takes place in the Garden Room at the Williams-Payne House, 6075 Sandy Springs Circle.

Williams-Payne House

6075 Sandy Springs Cir, Sandy Springs, GA
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