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U.S. – Mexico Energy Trade

April 27, 2017
7:30 am
Buckhead Center: Tower Place 200

U.S. and Mexico relations are clearly strained. Blame it on the controversial wall Trump wants to build and his criticism of NAFTA, but there is a lot more at stake for these neighbors’ in their agendas for economic growth: energy. The council is excited to present “U.S.-Mexico Energy Trade,” a breakfast discussion on the challenges facing both countries in the midst of an evolving energy market and a dynamic time for trade. Energy trade issues between these two neighbors are not making the headlines as they should. This morning discussion will examine the future of renewable energy sources and the future of U.S.-Mexico energy trade in the midst of growing tension between the two states, as well as the role that Georgia plays in this historic and critical partnership that is at risk.

Price: $15
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