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West End Urban Confidence Ride

March 25, 2017
2:00 pm
West End Park Marketplace

Come on out and let's bike y'all!!!

We will have rides for all levels.

Bike Share Bikes available

This is your chance to meet the Atlanta Bike Champions. Have some fun and learn how to enjoy the West End neighborhood by bike.

Atlanta's bike revolution is happening and we're glad you're part of it. We've been listening to you all and we've learned that you'd be riding even more if three things happened -

1. The city ramps up its infrastructure so that its roads are safe for bicycle riding

2. You felt more empowered to negotiate the current and evolving conditions of Atlanta's streets

3. Bikeshare expands to reach more neighborhoods.

We will do a few quick drills, then hit the city streets for an hour-long ride through the West End. We'll take it slow, stay together, and practice our skills in a safe and supportive setting. You will experience two-directional protected and single-directional bike lanes, sharrows, and streets where we responsibly exercise our legal right to "take the lane." At the end of class, there's an option to gather and debrief.

West End Park Marketplace

1111 Oak St SW, Atlanta, GA
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