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Words of Fire: Sex, Power and the Black Feminist Call for Social Justice

April 30, 2017
9:00 am
Camille Cosby Academic Center Auditorium 350 Spelman Ln., Atlanta, GA 30314

On April 29th - 30th Black Women’s Blueprint and the Women's Research and Resource Center will co-convene a conference at the historic Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.  Provocative both politically and sexually, this conference will offer inspiring accounts by a cross-section of women, girls, queer, trans women of African Descent in order to deconstruct patriarchal ideologies that women and girls are to be taught consistently and often violently, that their bodies are corrupting, imperfect, violable and volatile harbingers of immorality. Celebrating, reclaiming and engaging in memory work, political dialogue and action which centers Black women's traditions, as well as various spiritualties as well as healing modalities, the conference will combine visioning workshops, panels, debates, art and interactive speakers committed to empowering and cultivating new generations of Black girls and young women with revolutionary Black feminist politics. Building on the words of our foresisters, we are the offspring bringing Black feminism into the future. Join us.  

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