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How to add an event and have a new events platform. We are now curating the top events from around metro Atlanta. If you don't already see your event on, please follow the below instructions for adding a new event.

  1. To add an event, please click the +ADD EVENT link or visit and follow the instructions

  2. In the body of the form, please include the following information:

    1. Name of the event.

    2. Location of the event, including complete address (Street number, street name, city, state, zipcode)

    3. The date(s) of the event. For events occurring over multiple days, please indicate start date/time, end date/time and any show times, if applicable.

    4. Description. The description of the event should be at least one sentence, and not exceed 300 words.

    5. Image. Please include an image with your event listing. Only use your own photos: please do not send images or photos unless you own them or have permission from the owner of the photo.

    6. Website + Contact information. Please include website and/or contact information (email, phone number, etc) for the event.

    7. Cost,Tickets. Please include any cost or ticket information, with instructions on how to purchase tickets, if applicable.


Q: When will I see my event online?

A: Submitted events go into a queue to be manually approved and placed on-site. Please allow up to 48 hours for an event to appear online.

Q: How do I make a change to my event?

A: If you need to make a correction or change (date or time change, cancellation, performer change, etc) to your event once it has been submitted, please reach back out to with the subject line EVENT CORRECTION: NAME OF EVENT and include the correction needed in the body of the email, along with the hyperlink to the live event. If you need to make a correction before the event is live on the site, please indicate that the event has not yet appeared on the site.