Centennial Aviation Academy Summer Camps

A REAL FLIGHT with YOU AT THE CONTROLS in a Cessna Skyhawk or Piper Warrior aircraft when you purchase the combo camp package!Executive FBO Tour - Discover the exciting world of corporate aviation and what its like to own a private jet! The world is at your finger tips…Private Tour of a Delta Boeing 767 – These aircraft fly 11+ hours non-stop around the world; get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to fly this magnificent airplane! L-1011 Cockpit – The "Whisper Jet" was one of the most cutting edge passenger planes of its time- come sit inside the spacious 5-man flight deck of the Tri-Star and even try your hand at the controls.Epps Tour - Walk through a historic hanger filled with dozens of multi-million dollar airplanes from around the world! Learn about Ben Epps…Georgia’s first aviator - and how his son help to rescue a plane from “The Lost Squadron”Corporate Jet Catering - See why these grilled cheese sandwiches cost $47…or even why a bowl of pasta can set you back over $20,000!ATL SkyTrain – Ever wonder what it takes to keep millions of people moving at the Worlds Busiest Airport? Airport/Aircraft Maintenance - Get up close and personal with all the heavy-equipment it takes to keep an airport operating! PDK Airport Fire Station - Check out “Big Red” and the PDK crash response fire truck. Learn why their tires have to be bigger than the average 12 year old!Shop along with international airline pilots at the ATL Pilot Shop What are pilots saying on the radio? How do air traffic controllers safely land an airplane every 90 seconds? What does it take to lift hundreds of people, their luggage, cargo and fuel into thin air?  Learn about all this in one of our interactive presentations.